Cucina Class Schedule

Jan 28

Chop Like a Chef

Learn how to use a knife more efficiently as you prepare a comforting winter meal.

Jan 29

Elegant Vegetarian

Learn new techniques for preparing the garden's bounty.

Jan 30

Getting Saucy

Take on the intimidating challenge of creating classic sauces.

Feb 3

Breads of Italy

Join our artisan baker for a baker's journey around Italy.

Feb 5

Passport Series: Chinese New Year

Join us to celebrate one of the most colorful festivals of the lunar calendar.

Feb 10

Asian Hors D'Oeuvres

Enjoy an inspiring afternoon full of Asian Hors D'oeurves.

Feb 11

Cooking with Kids 201

Enjoy preparing a Five Course Gourmet Dinner together.

Feb 12

One Pan/Two Plates Italian

Learn how to get a healthy, Italian style meal on the table in less time with less hassle.

Feb 13

Decadent Chocolate Desserts

Learn a variety of new techniques for working with chocolate.

Feb 17

Advanced Cake Decorating

Learn the advanced techniques of decorating cakes at home.

Feb 18

Southern Kitchen

Dive into our southern themed date night cooking class.

Feb 19

Quick Evening Dinners

Learn some new inspiring dinners for slowly warming evenings.

Mar 3

Spices, Rubs, and Seasonings

Learn the pairing of herbs and spices to create your own mixes.

Mar 4

Artisan Pasta

Learn how to make a variety of gorgeous laminated pastas.

Mar 10

Passport Series: Advanced French Techniques

Learn how to substitute and diversify your cooking skills.

Mar 11

Kitchen Skills: Roasting and Stocks

Learn the classic technique of roasting and creating flavorful stocks.

Mar 13

Traditional Irish Kitchen

Learn what the Irish really make at home!

Mar 18

Crush House Favorites

Sneak behind the chefs' front line and discover the guarded recipes of The Crush House.

Mar 24

Pizza and Stromboli

Learn how to make and bake Pizza and Stromboli.

Mar 25

Spring Entertaining

Celebrate Spring with your friends and invite them over for a dinner party.

Mar 27

Boozy Desserts

Learn about alcohol infused dishes inspired by the new Distillery at Gervasi.

Mar 31

Elegant Evening Salads

Learn a refreshing menu of dinner salads.

Apr 7

Kneadlessly Simple Breads

Learn the no knead technique to create some great flavored breads.

Apr 8

Indian Essentials

An introduction to Spices, Chutneys, and Pickles.

Apr 14

Spring Grilling

Join Chef Meg at the grill for a savory sweet experience!

Apr 15

Pullapart Cupcake Cakes

Learn how to take your simple cupcakes to something new and exciting!

Apr 16

Passport Series: Barcelona Tapas

Learn the tapas style way of eating with a Barcelona twist.

Apr 22

Cooking with Herbs

Revive your spring and summer menus with fragrant and fresh herbs.

Apr 23

Kitchen Skills: Egg Techniques

Learn all the fun things you can do with eggs.

Apr 24

Curry a Favor

Learn more about color, texture, and flavor of Punjabi curries.

Apr 30

Gluten Free/Dairy Free Delights

Discuss and learn about the culinary needs of those who avoid two central ingredients in the kitchen.