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Cucina Class Schedule

Jan 21

Chinese New Year

Join us to celebrate one of the most colorful festivals on the lunar calendar.

Jan 22

Hearty Winter Soups

Fill your freezer with these hearty soups so you can take them out easily for a delicious lunch or dinner.

Jan 27

Elegant Vegetarian

Chef Julianna will inspire you with new, unique ingredients and techniques for preparing the garden’s bounty.

Feb 2

Napoletana Pizza

Chef Kathy is the local expert on all things Pizza Napoletana.

Feb 3

Clean Eating in the New Year

Do you feel bloated, no energy, and your New Year’s Resolutions are fading fast? Then reset your body with these anti-inflammatory recipes.

Feb 9

Skills on the Grill

Join Chef Meg at the grill for a savory sweet experience!

Feb 10

One Pan Two Plates: Romantic Italian

Join us at the Cucina, with Chef Carla Snyder, author of "One Pan Two Plates: 70 Complete Weeknight Meals for Two" and an experienced culinary instructor, caterer and recipe developer.

Feb 16

Passport: Mardi Gras

The underlying theme of Mardi Gras is indulgence and we won’t disappoint.

Feb 17

Southern Kitchen

Our southern themed date night will have you speaking with a southern accent by the time you leave.

Feb 18

One Pan Two Plates: Family Style

Making dinner for the family is usually the last thing busy parents feel like doing after a tough day at work. But it doesn’t have to be that hard to accomplish.

Mar 1

Authentic French Breads

Learn the finite details in baking the world’s favorite breads – the French loaf.

Mar 3

Passport: Morocco

Moroccan cuisine is one of the most diversified cuisines in the world as it’s been subject to the influences of Berber, Moorish, Mediterranean and Arab cultures.

Mar 4

Gervasi Favorites

Everyone wants to know the secrets of the Gervasi Kitchens – and now you have a backstage pass!

Mar 8

Paris Bistro

Welcome to Paris! Spring time in the City of Lights is perfectly stunning – and tasty!

Mar 9

Artisan Pasta

The “art” of making pasta is something anyone can master. It’s just a matter of practice.

Mar 15

Traditional Irish Kitchen

Learn what the Irish really make at home! Chef Julianna studied at the Ballymaloe Cookery School in Ireland and discovered true classic Irish cooking.

Mar 16

March Madness Appetizer Party

If you want to get through March Madness – or any big gathering- with less stress…think like a caterer.

Mar 23

Egg-cellent Egg Spring Dishes

Learn all you can do with eggs with this class and how to properly make them in a variety of ways.

Apr 5

Savory Picnic Breads

In this class, we will transform pizza dough into three extraordinary breads.

Apr 7

Passport: Greek Isles

It’s Spring Break time and the perfect moment to feel like you’ve slipped into the beautiful Mediterranean as we explore this menu.

Apr 13

Cooking with Herbs

As the weather warms and the farmer’s markets open, a new opportunity in seasonal cooking begins.

Apr 19

Kids in the Kitchen

Chef Lisa will join you and your young aspiring chef in the kitchen to recreate the childhood favorites and learn a few new recipes to take home and wow the whole family!

Apr 20

Irish Gastropubs

Ireland’s culinary talents are respecting tradition while reinventing the classic menus. Tour Ireland’s modern gastropubs with Chef Julianna in a sampling of The Island’s best new dishes.

Apr 21

New York City Style Pizza

Learn to make and enjoy NY Style pizza along side a bona fide New Yorker!

Apr 27

Getting Saucy

Creating elegant, classic sauces can be an intimidating challenge with both classic and new sauces and flavors to manage.

Apr 28

Passport: Cinco de Mayo

Did someone say Taco Tuesday? Yep, got that covered and more as we up your game for a Cinco de Mayo celebration.